Have you heard of a state where every individual has a different political God, the most diverse state of India having the country’s most unpredictable vote bank, the state which was on everyone’s interest feed and grabbed viral attention due to its political drama?


Well, we are talking about the Unpredictable Pradesh of India – UP, Uttar Pradesh. The recent Assembly elections held there, the landslide victory of the Centre’s ruling party, failure of the then existing party in state and lot more has given it a hype.

UP is believed to be the most populated state in India with the diversity that can put many countries to shame. The astonishing part here is the caste politics which signifies its unpredictability.

What else can one expect from a vote bank with the castwise break-up, viz., the Yadavs, the Muslims, the Dalits and the other Hindu castes?

Each sector has its own favourites and each party has their dedicated target voters whom they aim their policies and manifestos at. Owing to the previously existing trend the Yadavs supported SP, Dalits supported BSP, Muslims supported Congress and BJP aimed to lure the rest. When all the supporters were fixed and everything was going in favour of the ruling party, then what led to the great defeat is what piques our curiosity.

Everything was going right for Samajwadi Party (SP). They had high probabilities of winning the masses back again and forming the government but then started their downfall with the internal clashes within the party and Yadav family drama. This was the major reason which created dilemma in the Yadav voters on the credibility and stability of their favourites. After enduring the internal turbulence, CM Akhilesh Yadav began a trek to save his seat and pride.

With the fear of Modi wave sweeping UP, Akhilesh Yadav lost his bearings and did a merger with Congress to tackle BJP. His decision was mostly under the influence that only a coalition was able to conquer Modi wave in Bihar. But little did he know that the speculations and allegations he and his party men had accused of Congress in the past, would make him even more of a traitor to his own kind and man with no authenticity of words.

The result was a total of 7 seats for an 1885 Veteran party Indian National Congress and 48 seats for the then ruling Samajwadi Party.

What BJP did to win over the hearts of Uttar Pradesh? There are many factors in the answer to this question chief of them is the present Prime Minister and the best orator of India, Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi. (All hail King Modi! :P) He single-handedly is the reason to sweep the masses as he delivered his promises at the centre and is doing everything in his power in ‘making India great again’.

All this ensured a colourful flow of Modi wave in UP elections which was enough to defeat the likes of a merger between the reigning party and the oldest party in the Indian history.

Unforgettable was the role of BJP’s national president and ‘Chanakya’, Amit Shah. He campaigned in UP during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections that strengthened their nerve in vote bank influencing. He won them 72 seats out of 80 then. Amit Shah alone conducted 125-150 rallies in UP to ensure overall support. They rallied every place wherever the merger did, to prevent consolidation of votes.

Shah and Modi left no stone unturned to highlight their public benefitting schemes like the Ujjwala Yojana and also the scams of SP govt like Lucknow Metro and Lucknow Delhi expressway.

The largest national headline ‘Demonetisation’ was claimed to be unplanned and did trouble the masses but government’s healthy intentions for the countrymen won hearts. BJP had no CM face in UP elections which in turn helped them as the public had only our PM to look upon and his folklores to sing. Consequently, BJP gained an unbelievable and miraculous victory in UP with a whooping 324 seats. They indeed proved that even an alliance couldn’t stop the ‘MODI WAVE’.

BSP and AAP were crushed under these giants and seemed almost non-existent in the results.


All in all, this was a rollercoaster ride for the UP public and in the end, they came out with presenting the historic win for BJP. Hope they benefit from their decision.





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