Don’t know what I have become,
Part of me was afraid,
To fall from crest and settle in pits,
Hence a scornful heart, slipped where it fits..

Afraid to walk on cactus,
It Chose to walk in sun;
Crossed my heart and I stood in line;
Waited for light, but the sun raised the spines..

What difference a choice could made it thought,
Toggled through way bleeding out in stock;
Hence never could it defeat the ugly mind
Drowned in blood, time did rewind..

Walked on the cactus for the pretense was appealing,
For every step I took I knew my wounds were healing;
Something bout this was magical I couldn’t explain,
For the journey I took did not go in vain ..

Hence forth I walk and know I could change,
Though those dreams may seem far off the range;
My heart now knows which way to go..
And it won’t stop this time for the mast is high it’s ready to row..

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