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Yes You Have a Life – Penning down Auschwitz

We all contemplate stuff. Especially during the night, we all contemplate stuff. Well, think of it as a special “limited duration” period where we...
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The Bridges of Life

Walking down that bleak aisle of thoughts, Somewhere beyond the eerie silence of the dark woods, I saw two bridges. First one was just a step ahead...
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The Book

Yeah! It’s a Book Kind of a boring title isn’t it? Let’s make it interesting, shall we! I was a scared kid, so scared that I’d lock...
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Mr. Heart says Hello!

Dangling amidst all the chaos of politics, IPL matches, what's the latest tv series or movie that has been released or being given a...
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From Nothingness to Nike-ness

(An Oregonian tale) I woke up at 6:00 am, tied my shoe laces, drank my diet coke and went out for my usual six-mile run....
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Zen and Steve

How practicing Zen Buddhism played a critical role in Steve Jobs’s success?     One of the most spectacular attributes of “Zen Buddhism”, one that clearly distinguishes...
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The Power of Listening and Interpreting

Have you heard about the book- “The White Tiger” by Arvind Adiga? The plot revolves around the story of a poor middle-class boy “Gopal” struggling...
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Why People Are Important?

Before I could dwell into the deep meaningful insights on why people are important in almost every venture we lay our hands upon, let...
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Apple : Simplified

“The spirit now wills his own will, and he who had been lost to the world now conquers the world” If you ask me what...
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