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“BUT”-  A Procrastinator’s Mind Play

Interviewer: What are your hobbies? Me: reading, writing, music, and stuff Interviewer: well these are all something of a cliché. Anything out of the box? Me: Ohh...
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The Indian space research organization today's ISRO, a space agency of the government of India headquartered in the city of Bangalore, was founded on...
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Sitting on the little knoll of the green grass of the college garden, looking at the sky, the birds, the trees with the impatient eyes...
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INDUS WATERS TREATY – Yet Another Resource to Fight For?

Every war ever fought has been for the resources. In the case of India and Pakistan, there has been a cold war for decades...
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Do You Fear – The Fear?

Imagine!! You just finished watching a horror movie and were about to leave the room, suddenly a bang! The lights went off, the room went...
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   Goods and services tax (GST)

“Tax by a manufacturer + tax by a wholesaler +tax by retailer = GST " This simple equation gives a coarse structure of India’s business...
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Amidst the sea, I,my silence stood still, Bleaking darkness growled, Heart pounded,gut swirled in surround.. Scenic desolution infront, Waves howled,storm flouted, Cyclone uproared in coarse shape, A surge of fear enraged... Can...
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  Love so certain, an intense lure Utterly candid, meticulously pure That gleaming ring,slipped through my pinky Fantasy bewitched me for the truth was stinky Fragrance blossomed my world...
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