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Pakistan : A terrorist nation?

We know Pakistan. The same state being accused of sheltering Osama bin laden. Same state being claimed of sponsoring terrorism and the same state...
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Why Middle East- The Other Side of Jews

If you have skimmed through my previous article on this story then you must be knowing about the pedestals upon which the current Middle East...
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Donald Trump: It’s Not What You Think It Is!

  See that "M" up there in that picture intentionally designed to imply Donald Trump's devil horn, which the TIME says is a simple quirk...
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Why Middle East: Who is fighting Whom?

"I have disliked war since I have known it. I don’t think people like bombing people and there must be some very strong reason...
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The Commoners

You and I won't understand, What it reflects and what fall upon, Tacit acts of immunity, How can you reprimand? When you can't see the shadows, Dirt and policies...
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How Humans Turned From Spartans to Satiates

Agricultural revolution was the biggest fraud in the history of humankind!   Disagree? Well, let me take you through a story of the ancient past and...
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Soft gust of rays, Like a tycoon that slays, Mere act of withering sun, Vanish subdues but glimpses stays.. Vanity; the sin for few, Wonder how it set these...
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Shadows back and forth, Remits in denial, What in life is this worth; The smile to the conscience.. To get is not to desire, To have is not to...
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Whence came wind; The trail grew shallow, And so did the fields, Stood clean and yellow.. Forget ! lo this charm; Sneak my mind of time, On fragile edge of...
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The Doctrine Called Unique Happiness

The norms you follow, the ideals you believe and the thoughts you dissemble, equivocate your own mind. This conundrum of false truths you follow,...
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