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A woman without wings but with a superpower to express and pen down her gray matter thoughts accompanied by her weapon of words, is here for the betterment of her readers.

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Mood Swings??? Let’s get them busted!

In this era of pompousness and rivalry where countries are fighting over each other, where couples are quarreling day and night even Tom and...
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Racism or Panda?

I’m Asian, Black and White but people love me. Guess who am I?? Skadoosh! I’m Panda. I thank God for creating us same otherwise we...
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Hues of Friendship

Like the fruits of school, we budded together. Hand in hand, tangled in one another. With the peachy, self-created classroom folklores We played with feathers. But, now we ride a flashback...
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Rape Rhapsody

Sex Gods : Testimony of Rape

Always learned lessons, grabbed teachings …. Grabbed? Snatched? Clutched? Have you learned all these from mythology? The rape of Chrysippus by Laius was known as "the...
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When the morning Sun doesn’t discriminate in shining upon Black & White, Disabled & able-bodied, homosexual & heterosexual or transgender & cisgender, then why...
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Lately, after giving women a single day of honour and underestimating them for the remaining 360 days, 4 you might have gifted her with...
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