See that “M” up there in that picture intentionally designed to imply Donald Trump’s devil horn, which the TIME says is a simple quirk of design. We all know what that is? The question is – Are we really glitched by it?

Let’s make America great again!



Wait. Are we living in the wrong world? Is this really a world where the biggest imperialistic power – the United States of America is governed by a fascist leader? Fascist ehh! Well, most of the recognized writers and media regarded him as one and turned him into a so-called devil who would initiate a reign of terror and hatred.


Well, that’s for the media and influencers who would surely mock the one that speaks bluntly. Trump has been blunt all along. He openly supports white people, criticizes immigration, hates the Mexican stealing business and what not. But out of all the things you hear and all the whispers which glib through your ear, Donald Trump made it to the white house. What do you think led to this, and most of all, what would be the consequences?


It’s no magic trick! The incapability of the Democrats to see the reality led to this. Living in a bubble, they were confident of their victory following the Obama’s legacy but somehow they forgot how people actually visualize Hillary Clinton. She is the same woman who has been accused of various scams and corruption including the one related to Clinton’s foundation and who could forget her reaction on Gaddafi’s death when she said: “ We came, We saw, He died “. With the sheer will of propaganda, Democrats thought they would cut the line. People were already suffering from unemployment and poverty and Democrats were screening Trump and spilling the dirt. Well in this age of transparency, they were cocooned in their own utopia and hence this series of mistakes paved the way to Trump’s victory.



Most critics say that Trump is bad. So was Obama good? Even if we talk in comparative norms, we cannot say that Obama was better than what Trump will be. Obama came in 2008, and psychologically, it had a great impact on US citizens to have a mixed race President with an African-American wife. A person who rose from slavery into the top-order, all was good. But, he bailed out banks, his health scheme raised controversies and was flawed, all of which left poor and senior people dependent on bureaucrats and pharmaceuticals. Obama arrogated the power of execution without trial to those who are found as a threat to America. Well surely, the number of drone attacks increased in Africa, Afghanistan, Middle East, and Pakistan. Saudi attacked Yemen, all under the eyes of Obama, the Nobel peace Laureate, and the US helped with intelligence and air refueling. It was regarded as an act of cruelty as many civilians were killed and hospitals, schools were destroyed.



God knows what happened there, who are we to judge? People say that Trump has made the US dangerous, but what was the US before? Not dangerous? Since its inception, the foundation of the United States is laid above the suppression of the people and aggression of the power. They say they do what has to be done, you and I cannot fathom the conspiracies on which this world is driven and it doesn’t matter till the lives of people are balanced.



But will the lives be balanced? Where is it headed? On his first speech, Trump made it clear that he wants to avoid conflicts, end NAFTA, and maintain peace with Russia. Now some of us may bang their heads, but for the Americans, currently, this is the best they get. I’m not saying that Trump is a nice guy who wears a red tie, but maybe we need to retrospect how media has played us by diluting the reality. He says a lot of things, but will he make a wall on the Mexican border? Do you still believe that? Or Is he going to pull out of the Middle East because the strategists say that “You fight there, and hence there is terrorism. You created it and now it’s time to stop”.


Well, now I guess it makes sense to say that Trump is just another leader among many who ruled and passed by giving something to remember, may be bad or good; it’s too early to predict. But the United States needs something different now. In these elections, there was certainly a lack of options that people were facing. I think the US desperately needs a radical party with a progressive and open mindset who could provide a real alternative to people. Hopefully, we may encounter it in future but till then, It’s a “Donald Trump Show” and at times like this, we cannot laugh, we cannot cry, but understand.






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