(An Oregonian tale)

I woke up at 6:00 am, tied my shoe laces, drank my diet coke and went out for my usual six-mile run. It was one of those typical early mornings where I would be lost in my own thoughts while simultaneously comprehending the beauty of scenes I was passing by. I didn’t know that in one of those runs, something that strong will entirely change my perspective about everything. I can clearly connect some dots about what had happened until now. I can sense something very clearly about what I am gonna do with my life all the way while finishing off my six milers. Fortunately, I had the chance to complete my MBA from Stanford University. It was during one of those lectures we were tasked with preparing a blueprint for starting a business, its marketing plan in any area we had expertise in. My area was running.



Well I was no Steve Prefontaine but I genuinely believed that the world would be MUCH BETTER PLACE if we all take off an hour from our busy schedule and run some miles. While most people knew this thing, they never did anything about it or even if they thought about it, they would use their gardening shoes. Japanese have recently succeeded in surpassing German sales in unveiling out cheap cameras with better pixel quality. I thought that same could also be done for shoes. Onitsuka Pvt. Limited in Japan is unveiling out a new line for Adidas knockoffs at a cheap price “Tigers”. Something could be done here but before that, I would like to see the world, especially for a purely unrelated reason the Temple of Nike. Nike-the Greek Goddess of victory.

From the dawn of time, there perpetuates an unexplained feud between “Fathers & Sons”. Even when you have the most fantastic idea in the whole world somehow they cleverly manage to demotivate you by popping out new facts previously unheard of or which you thought you’ll get by easily. When I pitched my idea to dad he somewhat twisted and turned while sitting on his recliner and quickly diverted his gaze from TV towards me. I knew the words. But after some discussion, he finally relented for traveling, saying that he too wanted to travel but couldn’t and I should do it while I am young. Following my itinerary I reached Thailand, there I visited “Wat Phra Kaew”-The Temple of Emerald Buddha.


Wat Phra Kaew grand palace, Bangkok Thailand


I visited the Philippines and roamed freely in the market places, with thousands of public surrounding me. There I encountered number, of poor kids begging for money and no matter how much you gave them, even if you empty your pockets in front of them their hunger could not be satiated. From there I visited the birthplace of Renaissance-Florence, Italy.


Florence, Italy


Florence with its astonishing art sculptures, paintings, architectures including Florence Cathedral, Boboli Gardens is a paradise not only for art fanatics but for anyone who enjoys beauty. I also visited the Colosseum in Rome and was flabbergasted by its architectural beauty and intricate artistry.

I only had 10 more days in my hand and I decided now it’s time for the most awaited spot on my itinerary- Temple of Athena Nike, is a temple built on the Acropolis of Athens.


Temple of Athena Nike


Finally, I reached Japan and my itinerary suggested me to visit two of the most important places- The Mount Fiji & Gardens of Kyoto. It was believed that the ascend on Mount Fiji should be done for celebrating some achievement, I promised myself that I would come back here when the time is right. I sat on a white snow plane just kilometer opposite to Mount Fiji and beamed at the view unfolded before my eyes a silent lake and on its edge stood mammoth Fiji.

It’s the same place that had continued to inspire Zen masters from several ages, apart from the Gardens of Kyoto this is the place a Zen poet will actually wanna be.


To be continued…..



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