Dangling amidst all the chaos of politics, IPL matches, what’s the latest tv series or movie that has been released or being given a higher IMDB rating than expected.

To represent thyself as cool, composed and highly proficient manager knowing his way through drafting all important reports and scheduling all important meetings that can alter the future of the institution.

By following the pretentious wave of being extravagant in your every pursuit ranging from your hair gel/color to shades!(man they have got some classic variety there) to your wardrobe comprising of formals to indo-western and other freakish unknown brands and patterns for both men and women.

You gotta look good

Mr. Heart says Hello!. When smoking and drinking heavily, making smoke rings and bubbling sounds in your pitcher and playing bottom’s up with your best buddy. Mr. Heart says Hello!. Being emotionally invested in the wrong person and complementing them for n number of random freakish reasons. Mr. Heart says Hellooo! You don’t need this pretence.


Just create the moment

If you listen closely to Mr. Heart he may tell “you fuck it!” I want a cold one on Miami beach then all you have to do is turn on  your AC, lower the temperature, turn on the music system and play ” Adventure of the Lifetime” in full volume whilst enjoying a cold one. Just wanted to point out that virtual scenes can be created and Mr. Heart can be kept happy for a while. If that’s not a heavier issue. Maybe Mr. Heart got bored of the usual 9-5 lifestyle and wanted to experience some INTO THE WILD moments then just take a break from whatever hectic schedule you have trapped yourself in, go out there and take some hiking or kayaking classes or participate in jungle bonfires.

Mr. Heart wants what it wants, actually what it fantasizes and we ought to give it atleast 60% of what it wants. And that’s important.

And don’t ask me why….


  1. I won’t ask, rather like to answer ‘why’
    Mr Heart is attached to a body, a soul, a life and it’s certainly our responsibility to make that single life large!
    nice prose 🙂


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