Kashmir – “the heaven on earth”, the most beautiful part of India. Ever since independence India and Pakistan are fighting for this ‘heaven’. But is this the only reason this controversial state of India makes headlines? Nuh uh!


kashmir people
Kashmiri people clashing with the Indian security forces.


Two sides are fighting each other. The first side is heavily equipped with ammunition. The second side is empty handed and just have stones and sticks for the fierce battle. Reading it this way, the humanity in us will sympathize for the second side and the first side will surely be portrayed as the evil ones.

This is the story of the most controversial child of Mother India – Jammu & Kashmir. The ‘evil’ first side is, of course, our honourable Armed forces and the ‘miserable’ second side are the residents of J&K state. Is it actually as simple as it seems on skimming through the issue this way? Are the Armed forces of India no more ‘honourable’?

Let us dig deeper before forming an opinion!


Stone pelters throwing stones on a police man


Stone Pelting in Kashmir is locally termed as ‘Kanni Jung’ which means fighting with stones and the stone pelters are titled ‘Sangbaaz’. The brutal killings of Kashmiri youth at the hands of forces is cited as the main reason for this mass protest with stones. This started way back in the year 2008 during Kashmir forces. The movement changed the usage of guns to stone pelting on forces. The attacks continued through the 2010 unrest and 2016 Jihadi attacks.

Stone pelting is too complex a process and can be termed as a psychological phenomenon. It has a totally different meaning for various groups. It is a portrayal of anger, disbelief, and disapproval (and fun?). Also, It is a means of mass protest and successful accomplishment of strikes. And yes, it’s used to scare off agencies like CRPF and Police. In the wake of these protests, some lunatics even take personal revenge hurling stones at shops and houses causing anguish to innocent citizens. The Auto and jeep drivers also utilize the opportunity by damaging the public transport vehicles.


According to some locals, this has become a source of amusement for the unemployed youth of Kashmir. They seek pleasure in hurling stones at the forces and beating the shit out of them. They enjoy this pelting to such an extent that they provoke the forces to attack coz it yields them fun.

The consequences for Kashmir

What’s most agonizing is that this culture has even spread to children as some sort of game. By engaging in this, they are unconsciously being handed discretionary powers and are not even aware of its manifestations. They are being prepared to be a rebel and to be delinquent. They are being trained to go against any controlling agency leading to a culture of non-conformity.


A suspected stone pelter tied to a jeep


Recently some soldiers were brutally beaten up in the valley. In return to this, they tied one of the suspected stone pelters in front of their jeep and challenged the lunatics for some action. The video of the tied man went viral on the internet.


The Indian Army was appreciated and encouraged on social media for their classy revenge over Jihadi stone pelters. The element of shock here were the reactions of some leaders and parties like Omar Abdullah and the Communist Party of India (Marxist), which blamed the army as culprits and termed the Jihadis as innocent people.


The Indian Armed Forces, Police force, and CRPF are fully committed to the security of this nation’s public. They go great extents to do their job. They sacrifice their normal life, family, comfort and a lot more just to serve their motherland. We sleep easy at our homes because they are awake and guarding the borders. Is it right to tag such noble men as culprits? Is this how we repay them for their service, by stone pelting and then blaming them for it? No, my dear countrymen, No! Those people stand in all conditions just to guard us and all they need in such situations is our support. So, Ink Coop hereby openly declares its support to the armed forces and condemns the Jihadis and all their supporters.

Comment your stand on the issue!



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