“Why is Marijuana against the law? It grows naturally upon our planet. Doesn’t the idea of making nature against the law seem to you a bit…….unnatural?” – Bill Hicks


Marijuana…..what it is on earth and why is this goddamn thing illegal?  Let’s find out!


The dried leaves, stems and seeds but most popularly the flowers of the hemp plant, Cannabis Sativa, are popularly known as “Marijuana”.  Now, what makes it ‘drug’ is the mind altering Delta 9-Tetrahydracannabinol (THC) and other extracts. It is at present the most abused drug in the world.


How is it used?
  • It is rolled into joints and then smoked as cigarettes.
  • Burnt in a bong and smoked through water pipes.
  • Mixed in edibles and consumed directly.
  • Brewed as a tea.

The most recently popular method of getting a ‘Marijuana High’ is dabbing, which is eating THC rich resins extracted from the Marijuana plant.


Marijuana Timeline

The Vedas in India call Cannabis as a source of happiness, joy giver, liberator that was given to humans to help attain delight, lose fear and anxiety. Lord Shiva is frequently associated with Cannabis and it is called as Bhang in India, which makes it extremely popular in a religious country like ours. It is also referred as Gaanja which is the female Cannabis plant leaves. But, as the government saw the negative side of the High, it was banned from public use in India in 1985 under Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act where Marijuana and Bhang were clubbed with hard drugs like smack, heroin, and cocaine.



In the US, during the 1600s it was compulsory for each farmer to grow hemp. In the early 1900s, Mexican immigrants introduced recreational Marijuana to the Americans. Soon the US government put taxes on legal possession of Marijuana making it prohibitively expensive. Then came the Boggs and Narcotics Control Act which tried to completely exhaust the legal sale of Marijuana. The 1960s, well known as the ‘Age of Hippies’ openly protested against the prohibition and control and Marijuana popularity reached new heights. Several efforts were made to help the situation like forming of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). As of December 2016, many states have legalized medical Cannabis and eight states allow recreational Marijuana for adults.



Effects on Body

Legal or illegal, our body perceives it the same way as intended to. And when consumed on an unadvised scale, the effects are detrimental AF. The High that you enjoy does have some free perks like altered senses, mood swings and impaired body movement. It also inhibits the brain functionality thus lowering the analytical thinking and problem-solving ability. In a long run, it gives a major blow to brain development if consumed at an early age. Don’t be shocked if you hallucinate or experience paranoia upon regular consumption.

Told ya, free perks :P!


But wait a minute man! It is natural and is supposed to be good because how Mother Earth could grow something this badass for her children.

Here’s your answer. According to the research and studies Marijuana can be used for medicinal purposes when consumed in controlled quantities.It can be used to help relieve a person from stress and anxiety. It is reported to suppress pain and is also an anti- depressant. Studies show that it may help reverse the carcinogenic effects of tobacco and improve lung health. And it does not affect brain development if you consume it as an adult.

And a myth buster for you: Marijuana isn’t a gateway drug; you wouldn’t be addicted to other drugs from this. Marijuana addicts are known to stick to it only. And to top it all, according to the surveys there have been countless deaths due to an alcohol or smoking overdose but there is none reported till date due to a Marijuana OD. So, you’ll get all these fancy and destructive issues with Marijuana, BUT even in the worst case, you won’t die.



With all the facts present in front, it’s for us to decide whether we should entertain our sober lives with ‘High’ or not? Is this Recreational Marijuana ban in India justifiable or not? Comment your opinions to let us know!  



  1. There is a thin line between facts and opinions, and it is toed masterfully by the author here. Marijuana has had an aura of mystery in Indian culture, and this shroud of obscurity is surreptitiously tackled. Kudos!
    PS – Bob Maar Le To Sahi, Hum Maar Le to Galat. Bohot Naa-insaafi Hai! 😀


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