If you have skimmed through my previous article on this story then you must be knowing about the pedestals upon which the current Middle East scenario took a stand. But now, I’m going to talk about a different timeline altogether, which shaped the Jews existence as we know today and repudiated the British Empire to its ground, which we see today. I’m going to talk about the 1940’s..


Jews were the Christ Killers! Few people claimed their wits upon this notion which carried the atrocities upon the Jewish all over the Europe including the deadliest of the most “The Holocaust”. All of our sentiments are automatically driven towards the suffering of the Jewish people and no one at this phase of the world can understand the pain. But, these were the same people, who invaded Arabs in Palestine on the basis of mythology and even carried out various atrocities on Arabs and British people. These were the same people, who formed terrorist organizations funded by the US to fight the Arabs. Now, can you justify the morality of the situation here? Can you run around and kill someone just because some other person tried to kill you?


A man saving his kid in Holocaust


Let’s create some traction here and comprehend the situation. British were a bit inclined towards the Arabs as they knew that Arabs could help them in WWII and obviously oil was becoming a major factor those days so the choice was pretty clear- Arabs over Jews. Arabs were divided into segments, each ruled by a different ruler who were tied together and reported to the common master, British. This was the vicious cycle of which the most colonial states were the sufferers and people were like the lamb in the dark. But there always comes the dawn after dark they say, and the similar light came with the uprisings.


There were small uprisings all over the Palestine, and the British started to fear the inception. British were turning anti-jews but in 1945, the world shivered over the gloomy pictures of the Holocaust and there was the abundance of sympathy for the Jews who somehow managed to run away and came into Palestine. People came in with horrible stories and with them came the kids who became the terrorists and leaders of Israel in future.



Now the Zionist movement was on peak and the Jews suddenly turned into brutal killers who fought against British and Arabs to eliminate the whole population, not just retaliate. They tried to do the same thing that happened to them in Germany. They were firing at British troops because they blamed them for Holocaust and not being able to stop the Hitler. You must be wondering where the most Jews population resided at that time, well the answer is New York City. The American-Jewish funded the weapons for the fighters in Palestine and the bullets were fired on the British soldiers and no doubt, the British government was outrageous. But there was little that they could do now. 60 years of war left British devastated, broken, bankrupt and most of all- “Unsure of its place in the world”.


There were there fighting groups which Jews formed for their insurgency in Palestine. One was the Haganah, which was started in 1920 and later on became the official military of the Israel. Another one was the Irgun, a militant organization created in 1937 to throw out the British. In 1940, Avraham Stern formed another organization named Stern, a fraction split of Irgun, which carried out assassinations which were small in number but significant.


Avraham Stern


There are always few incidents in the history which paved the way to the new upbringings and this decides the fate of the nation. One big incident which thrashed the British was the bombing of the King David Hotel, which was the British HQ then, on 22 July 1946 by Irgun. 91 people were killed and Yitzhak Shamir was involved in the bomb planting who later became the Prime minister of the Israel. Also, Irgun was led by Menachem Begin, who further became the sixth Prime minister of Israel!


King David Hotel, Bombed by Irgun


Here is an astonishing fact- More than 100,000 British troops were killed in Palestine alone, same in number to those who controlled India and were crammed in Palestine. But what was the source behind such fierce uprising from the Jewish side? Well, the Jews were more like a spring, being compressed over more than 2000 years and when it began to unravel, every inch of it screamed the pain and suffering of the Jews over the centuries and British army took the toll.


On May 14, 1948, the British left the Palestine and at 5:00 PM in evening, Israel was founded by David Ben-Gurion and all of this happened in much haste which followed its outcome aftermath. Palestine was handed over to the United Nations and the US had the biggest role there. It was impossible for Jewish people to kill American soldiers using the same weapons which were funded by the Americans!



There were no borders and the territories were formed by fighting for land, streets to streets and grounds to grounds. Even Iraq, Syrian, and Trans-Jordan troops attacked Israel but they were firm in their resolution and this war continued till 1949. While the Jewish came, invaded and formed their land, Arabs felt suppressed and you must be familiar with the phrase that, “Nothing is ever forgotten in Middle-East” and Arabs search for destiny continued…



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