In this era of pompousness and rivalry where countries are fighting over each other, where couples are quarreling day and night even Tom and Jerry are no divergent, let us fight with ourselves. Yes, it’s time to fight over our very own mood swings.

Dude, don’t femal-ise this because it happens with males too.


When your state of head asks you to sing “Shape of you” and then suddenly you start humming “Photograph” that, my dear, is a swing of temporary emotions so much like a pendulum. It is usually an aftermath of low testosterone levels, in males, in turn leading to depression. This may also be a syndrome of andropause(male menopause).

On the other side of the cassette of humans, women have Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) leading to mood changes in the days before menstruation in which they can even cry and wreck down for a lost chocolate(No Kidding!).

So, now that you’ve got a gist of what exactly do these over-excited hormones do in your already fucked up lives; let me be your friend to ease this state out of existence.

I’ll tell you some 16 ways to bust these mood swings into smithereens.


Sweet 16 Busters

  1. Pen down your emotions.

Since, I’m a writer so being biased I expect you to write down your current emotions because later in life you’ll be able to scrutinize your behavior for the best.

  1. Eat healthy.

Avoid excess of sugar, fats and salt containing foods. They affect your hormonal level.

3. Meditate.

Inhale-exhale for about 15 times that’ll relax you. By then you’ll go calm inside out and bingo!

  1. Talk to your partner.

No. I’m not impinging you saying that you’re single. But, if you’ve got a partner you can discuss with him(her).Because talking will make you express yourself better and the other one to understand you better.

5. Sleep.

Sleeplessness also causes change of emotions and if prolonged, it may even lead to depression. So, sleep like a baby.

  1. Overcome pessimism.

Think optimistic. This will help you not only at that point of time but also in the life ahead.

  1. Stop obsessing over little things.

A little obsession may even rise to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). So, beware!

  1. Be a busy bee.

Involve yourself in some tasks daily. Do not overthink because overthinking is trendy but not at all needy. If you’ll keep yourself busy, your mood might not swing frequently.

  1. Challenge yourself and aim every day.

One needs to set an aim everyday that’ll keep you busy as well as productive. Keep challenging yourself to attain heights.

  1. Stop being jealous.

Stop comparing yourselves to others. They are not you neither you’re them. This will save you from drowning emotionally.

  1. Exercise regularly.

Physical activity can help promote the expression of endorphin and alleviate feelings of anger and depression.

  1. Raise your favorite tunes.

Whether you’re a pop lover, an EDM buff or a metal admirer, you just got to hit your device or you can also sing in an eco-friendly manner saving the other environmental ears. This will surely distract you from your current mood.

13. Dance.

‘Tis the season to shake yourself to prevent your emotion shakes.

  1. Avoid caffeinated products.

Avoid alcohol, tea, coffee and drugs. They change you like hell.

  1. Eat Chocolate.

Well, this works for me, may work for you too as it prevents cognitive decline.

  1. Consult a doc.

If it’s regular as clockwork then it’s SIRIUS. You need to see a doctor.


Phew! Eventually, I wish you luck with your mood swings so that you do not turn into another maniac and begin killing.

WOAH! How can I forget those who are irritated but name it as mood swings? Wicked!

Well, you gotta take care of them at your end 😉


Wufff!! Psychopaths!

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