We know Pakistan. The same state being accused of sheltering Osama bin laden. Same state being claimed of sponsoring terrorism and the same state being designated as to-be-terrorist nation. There are questions centering the role of Pakistan in terrorism all around the world and few claims it to be even on a larger scale than of Iran and still, the latter is termed as terrorist nation whereas the former enjoys immunity. How is Pakistan immune? How can a nation keep getting away from such heinous acts? Maybe we are looking from the darker side and fail to see the other side of Pakistan.


Pakistan has been an unstable democracy since its inception. Muslim league was established in 1906 in opposition to the established beliefs of the congress and in 1930, propaganda to create a separate state for Muslims in North-Western region was introduced. Elections were held in 1946 and the Muslim league got the 90% support and Jinnah led the separation with the development of East and West Pakistan. Out of all these so-called developments for Muslim security, one thing remained common. People suffered then, People suffer now. Governments were formed, broken by the military leaders and the cycle continued and leaders for their own greed or what they call “National Interests” undermined the interests of the citizens of Pakistan.




Pakistan has been too much of a nationalist nation and even declared itself as an Islamic republic in 1956 adopting a parliamentary democratic system. But we all know how that “democracy” turned out. The first martial law was imposed by Gen. Ayub Khan in 1958, who backfired the system and took control, and this phenomenon became more of a trait in Pakistan. War with India in 1965 led to a little disruption and civil violence which paved way to the incoming of the democracy for the period of 1972-77. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto of Pakistan people party (PPP) came as a promising leader but in 1977, he too was deposed through internal repression and violence.


I have no interest in boring you with the history of Pakistan. But to understand the vicious turn at this point that came into the politics of Pakistan responsible for its current state, it is mandatory. Events in the last two paragraphs led to yet another military leader Zia-Ul-Haq, who promised the imposition of Sharia law in Pakistan. The trend of “Islamization”, began with Zia-Ul-Haq, who supported the Mujahideen (ideologically driven Muslims in Pakistan), to infiltrate into Afghanistan for Soviet-Afghan war and ammunition like AK-47 and other elements like drugs were supplied to the terrorists. They were trained by the ISI in collaboration with CIA against the Soviets.


Mujahideen – They were proud of their ideology


This disturbance led to the quest for peace in Pakistan and everyone sought for a healthy democratic nation. Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Shareef led the democratic governments through 1988-99 until the Indo-Pak war happened and General Pervez Musharraf took control. This trail continued till 2008 and again democracy flourished in Pakistan till present.


I guess now you know how Pakistan turned out to be an unstable democracy and no doubt the leaders are to be blamed. It’s too lame to compare two nations driven by different ideologies, but still, when you draw a comparison with India you can see the difference. You can see how our leaders were focused towards the growth of the citizens of India which collectively led to the nation’s growth whereas Pakistan took the reverse strategy. Their leaders were engaged in their own policies and agendas for the fulfillment of an Islamic nation and we can see how that cyclone pushed the storm.


Ind vs Pak


Terrorism was induced in Pakistan by Pakistan and now it has backfired. Several attacks, bomb blasts, assassinations, and militant activities killed thousands of Pakistani citizens. People fighting over religions, even sectional war between Shia and Sunni Muslims took a toll on the nation as a whole. The former President Pervez Musharraf has admitted that terrorists were “created and nurtured” by the governments to achieve some “short term goals”. But they never imagined how it would hurt the integrity of the nation in long run.


Following the India’s nuclear test, Pakistan followed the lead. The US offered a large amount of dollar bills for the restraint and asked Pakistan not to do it. But Pakistan refused the offer, and one of the government official said that “We are now nuclear state”. “So no one can let us go bust. We may have turned down billions of dollars, but many more billions will follow”.


Pakistan gone nuclear


After 9/11, US aided Pakistan with 20$ billion to fight against terrorism of which, 14$ billion was destined to Pakistan Army, and rest 6$ billion for the citizens. This 6$ billion was the official amount, it was reported that 4$billion dollars reached the citizens and no one knows whether it reached at all! But it believed that this amount took out Pakistan from going bankrupt. So, billions did follow. That Pakistani official was so right!

Pakistan is no fool, it’s just a clever player. There is no possibility that few helicopters can march into your borders at night clearing radars and kill the most wanted terrorist and get back safely. It’s just the same, people form terrorists and when the plan backfires, well, you do have a helping hand, The United States. They may support the declaration of Pakistan into a terrorist nation, but there will always be hidden agendas in “National Interests”.


Operation Neptune Spear – Killing of Osama Bin Laden


So now I ask you. Should Pakistan be claimed as a terrorist nation? A nation as vulnerable as a dormant volcano, waiting for some agitation to erupt its frustration. A nation built upon the pedestals of false promises and erroneous claims. The same nation responsible for the disturbance in Kashmir, poisoning the minds of thousands of innocent teens into anti-nationalist activities, who are driven to throw stones at their own people. The same “nation”, responsible for killing their own people.

Is it the nation to be given a terrorist tag? Well, what about government?



  1. I think it’s the government of Pakistan which needs reform….. Pakistanis should revolt it’s government.
    It’s government who is terrorist supporting!


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