I’m Asian, Black and White but people love me. Guess who am I??

Skadoosh! I’m Panda. I thank God for creating us same otherwise we also would have fallen prey to Racism; Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. That’s what Google says.

panda and racism
Funk you!

In simpler words, Racism is discrimination on the basis of physical characteristics and thereby calling fellow humans with the names as Negroes, niggers and various other scornful labels for refining Blacks and Whites.

Racism unlike other isms is much more popular and prominent (Why don’t other isms feel jealous??)Be it Asia, America, Europe, Middle East, Africa or any other continent, humans are segregated and treated very differently based on their skin colours stepping the stones of “White Racism” that is giving privileges to the Whites. People having black skins are ignored in availing household amenities, healthcare facilities, incomes, education and in almost every sphere of survival.


“Will we have to move again?” Kia asked her parents. She and her twin brother Kay are 10 years old. Their African-American family had recently moved to a suburb of Atlanta, Ga. A classmate had harassed Kay at school. “Trump’s going to kick you out of the country!” that other boy had told him.

During this year’s presidential campaign, some candidates and their supporters spoke about sending immigrants back to the nation of their birth. Others talked about watching people closely if they came from certain foreign regions or practiced a specific religion. Other comments suggested building a wall to keep foreigners out of the United States. Kay’s classmates gave these disrespectful suggestions.

He doing what he does

When we are not born with a label of black or white then why are we subjected to or subjecting others to this sense of differentiation?

The fetus inside the womb says “I’m not Black. You are not White.” And when it came out it didn’t remark that he was black nor was he taught to be black and neither were we taught to call it black. No baby is born racist. They cry when they hear other one crying.

But, the biggest reason behind spread of Racism is the “Consideration of Racism as a Taboo”. Of course this not bigger than SEX AS TABOO but sex gives birth to Racism. Talking, educating and being bold about racism can help the sufferers combat the discomforts and thus lead a better and a life full of equality.

Racism was invented in the 15th century. NO! I won’t talk about its evolution yet as a secret sauce, this world is the LAND OF THE FREE, HOME OF THE BRAVE and so the legacy of racism continues to cause anxiety and in some cases deaths in this 21st century too.

Well ! No offence

To be precise, in India, advertisements like Fair and Lovely (for women) and Fair and Handsome (for men) can be considered as a reason of promoting racism for everyone now wishes to have a skin of  the white. Consequently, these brands make our insecurities their securities.

To our surprise, Smokers are purest at heart because they do not care whose puffed cigarette they have in their mouths. The person can be Black, White, Gay, Lesbian or a bisexual. LMAO!!

PS.Smoking is injurious to health.

The label is not me, not you, not our lives and not even our tolls, they are BLACK and WHITE.

Who would we be if we among ourselves never gave a label to one another? We would have been one. We can still be together by driving our own bodies like our cars and not these labels alike the brands. But the reality is that every individual somewhere or the other in life is seeing the people through judgmental, artificial, man-made labels. If you let these labels define you, you’ll in no time feel small over great, minimized, divided and discriminated from the rest. Eventually, this will lead to conflicts then wars accompanied by again “us v/s them”.

So, It’s advisable to stop digesting and accepting these labels and to stand up and fight this racism.


Do not let Racism define you. Unite like Little Rock Nine who formed a group of nine African-American students enrolled in Little Rock Central High School in 1957. Their enrollment was followed by the Little Rock Crisis, in which the students were initially prevented from entering the racially segregated school by Orval Faubus, the Governor of Arkansas. But they stood against the bone marrow of the nation at that time and broke it apart to live lives long.

“Hey buddy!” says Social Media to Racism.

With its pros and cons going hand in hand, social media provokes this insect of Racism. WhatsApp uses emojis that allows you to choose the skin colour whereas other platforms do faces off this insect bite.


As an epilogue, I request you who make this society, to help the sufferer or resist bully or discrimination wherever you witness it because being color brave is better than being color blind.

To all the racists out there, a keynote from InkCoop

Develop your brains and preach equality because your skin colour doesn’t make your heart worth pounding.



  1. Now that is a well written article ,bang on hitting the sweet spot with the WhatsApp thing. Well penned 👏👏

  2. Awesome article and ya its all rubbish racism and all plzz i request each n ever1 who reads this article unite urself ur surroundings from this racism things.. hatsoff #smritibajaj

  3. Another one! Perfect shot at the present scenario of the world’s small mentality regarding racism! Hope your article reaches to the brain of such morons still practicing this.
    Good work again!

  4. Wow….bull’s eye….miss bajaj…u nailed the root problem of undevelopment and various lack offs by simply weaving ur words…great👏👏👏👏👏

  5. This thing should be published in the newspaper. Hatsoff brilliance u finally opened the concept​ the reality behind racism. Smriti bajaj amazing article 😍😃😎😎


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