Will America and Russia ever be done?

They’re going at it. Again. And just like every other time, someone else is paying the price.

Source : The New York Times
USS Porter fired Tomahawk missiles over the Mediterranean Sea, Friday.

The recent missile strike on Syria by the US, which killed fourteen people including nine civilians, is claimed to be against the suspected chemical attacks carried out under the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The chemical attacks on Syrian population led to the death of dozens of civilians including children with hundreds injured.

The use of chemical weapons was deemed unlawful by the UN, and recently America had been especially perturbed by the inhuman war crimes going on against humanity in the Middle East. Both Russia and Syria have absconded the blame of the gas attacks onto Syrian rebel forces congregating against Assad’s regime.


Earlier, US President Donald Trump had shown his utmost displeasure against the chemical attacks. ‘Prevention and deterrence of use of chemical weapons for US security is paramount. The abhorrence showed by Assad for his own country is a heinous act, and an act of war’ quoted Trump.

Source : Daily Express
US President Donald Trump ordered the first US military strike on Syria, Friday.

In testimony to recent pleas mentioning the absolute degradation of the Syrian government and exponential rise in terrorism, Trump took matters into his own hands by ordering a military strike against Syrian airbase Al-Shayrat from where the chemical attacks were carried out.

Russia being a strong supporter of Syria, has condemned US military strike on Syrian soil as an act of aggression. This show of belief by Russia on Assad’s dictatorship is being considered a blow to US-Russia relations which were shaky and ill-devised to start with. Assad’s office also issued a statement against the strike, declaring it to be an out of context disgraceful act with no show of farsightedness.

With severe ethical and political conundrums in play along with fake news propaganda of media industry, it is difficult to identify fact from fiction. But between Russia instigating the chemical attacks weren’t committed under Assad’s regime and America believing otherwise, the question arises.

Will America and Russia continue on this path of meddlesome brutality in the name of greater good, or will there be an act of parley to finally act upon Syria’s travesty of human lives?

Source : The Saker
Russian President Vladimir Putin (right) with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (left)

Russian President Vladimir Putin has cited this US strike as a completely failed act fueled by arrogance and poor decision. Also, Trump had never gone back on his word yet. His political campaign clearly stated minimum interference in Middle-East to reduce US world presence.

Instead, Trump has dived headfirst into a chaotic international crisis which could be crippling to his newfound career of US President. 

It all signals the dawn of a harsh reality.

“Does US want to test Russia?”

Of course, it does. Russia has always stood as an Anti-American entity. Like Batman against Superman, Russia has the motive and the resources to take a stand against the US.

“Did Russia supply Syria with Chemical Weapons?”

With Syria having strong Russian support, it isn’t inconceivable that the reign of Assad was fueled in an incognito manner by Russia.

“Did US kill two birds with one stone, goading Russia and warning China with a single move?”

With a major US-Russia meeting in sight and Chinese President Xi Jinping visiting, it would be condescending to assume otherwise.

“Would this be the first step towards the elimination of ISIS, the notorious Syrian terrorist group, or would this be a calling card for Russia to WWIII?”

ISIS is responsible for various crimes (war and otherwise) and acts of destruction. It would be hopeful to think that for once US and Russia could forget old beef and work in synchronization for effective disposal of terrorist forces and restore harmony in the Middle East.

“What should be the ideal course of action for a peaceful resolution between the three countries?”

America and Russia should amalgamate their considerable resources to wipe out terrorist threats and simultaneously rehabilitate Syrian refugees and innocent civilians to their previous lives. They owe it to them, big time.

The most pressing matter, however, is the outcome that will come forth of this deviousness. The civil war in Syria has taken its toll to the full extent. Heart-breaking images of dead and injured children flood the internet, in each a look of fear and terror. Syrian refugees are being horribly treated, stripped of their basic human rights.

Source : ABC7 Chicago
Syrian chemical attacks leave father of 9-months old twins devastated.

Would US and Russia stop after resolving the conflict situation in Syria or would it be a stepping stone to something even more diabolical?

This is something only time will tell. However, this decision would be paramount in shaping the future of the world. A battle is brewing, and when it boils over, all hell will break loose.



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