Walking down that bleak aisle of thoughts,
Somewhere beyond the eerie silence of the dark woods,
I saw two bridges.

First one was just a step ahead surrounded by serene beauty and mystified fragrances.
Butterflies fluttering over the sweet nectar, dazzled my heart.
But it didn’t had an end or any sign of a path ahead of it.
As if a situation without a closure.
I called this bridge: The Bridge of Love.

Another bridge was also a step ahead,
Resting across a huge concrete slope.
And amazingly enough; had a definite clear road ahead.
It lacked the dazzling beauty of the first bridge though.
As if the diamond lit by the light at wrong angles.
I called this bridge: The Bridge of Success.

Just a figment of my imagination on the uncanny resemblance?
Or reality?
I wondered as I strolled between the Bridges of my Life.

Amazed and confused..


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