Sitting on the little knoll of the green grass of the college garden, looking at the sky, the birds, the trees with the impatient eyes and then your gaze gets struck over the hulking presence occupying the entire block. The massive building with grooved pilasters-decorative columns embedded into the stonework ran like supporting ribs along the walls. An impressive majestic structure with brightly uniformed deputies at the main entrance door! Why did not you ever notice them so carefully?

You aren’t gonna be here forever. Yes, college life ends.

It’s been almost years there, neither was you the newcomer nor an alien stepping first time into your college. Rather the anxious behavior had its own reasons. It’s like a lengthy taxi ride that whooped around the edges of the containment zone, however, when it was just about to cross the red light, you began to notice! Your college days are going to end. Another phase of your life was trudging towards the finishing line.

You should be happy, right? You have accomplished and learned so much here. And you are going to be graduated. This was all you wanted “to grow up” didn’t you? This suddenly bangs a thud at your head and you realize that how quickly some of your precious years just passed away, then you start figuring out how important these were!

And then the hallucination starts……

My college, my department, my road, my friends, my parking area, my canteen, my adda, my hostel, my room my Nescafe will no longer be the same! There won’t be any more assignments, the midterms, the final terms examinations, the practical and the viva sessions!


Am I going to lose everything?

Why have I not attended the classes regularly? (Cursing)

Friends are life

And my friends, these gems, this was the place where the fools within us were developed and rose to a new picture quality. Here I have mastered the art of self-control. Of course when you hang out with these kinds of people, is it, hyper, anger, eager, or emotional. You just get trained to handle them. The extravagant parties, the canteen chai, the fight among almost fifteen hands for that little tiffin during lunch hours will be lost. The unplanned gossiping sessions around workshops it’s all going to end. A sudden realization that I am going to lose my owls and bitches are just enough to give the Goosebumps!

Brain: Don’t be so overdramatic! (Grunts)

Heart: ‘I can’t help it! Don’t you have emotions?’ (With puppy face)

Brain: Ugh! You blood pumping thing, mind your own business! (Annoyed)

Just say it
And then you are flown into the fantasy world….

If the magic was in real, I would have turned all my friends to panda and my college to a zoo and would have lived happily ever after! Oh yea, of course except for some goofy nerds, who would prefer going to complete their higher educations! Yes, these nerds exist in each group, they would sell themselves rather enjoy the panda party (laughs)!

(Why did I chose Pandas? Well, they are similar lazy creatures with small brains! )

Life might have been easier being an animal right!

But the Best part is, time cannot be reversed and you won’t get these moments back so you have to pace with it and live that each moment joyfully, cheerfully and happily……




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