Have you heard about the book- “The White Tiger” by Arvind Adiga?

The plot revolves around the story of a poor middle-class boy “Gopal” struggling with life for making a minimal income to support himself and his ambitions. He took a job of a waiter, a cook, a houseboy and finally a driver employed by a wealthy man of that district.

Through all the small jobs, he kept one thought in his mind- carefully listen to every word of all the discussions happening around him. Maybe this becomes the only way one can learn what’s trending around, what is politics and more precisely how business and politics are intertwined with each other just like Religion & Science.

I’m quite sure they don’t teach these things in school or college textbooks. Good for Gopal, he didn’t attend a school, he learns all the practical stuff just because he optimized the use of his common sense all the way while cooking, cleaning and above all, while driving his superiors to a wealthy giant aka politician’s house.

Now if I tell you Gopal went on to create a company having the greatest business turnover in his you wouldn’t be much surprised. In the case of Gopal, it was clear that he used his power of listening and interpretation to create a fortune for himself.

But it wasn’t that easy.

Read the conversation between a professor and a student on why sexual harassment cases are very common India are very common and how to stop them.

P– What do you think of this issue?. How can we stop these things from happening or more precisely, how can we curb this deterioration of society’s mindset?

S– Sir as you already said these things are the byproduct of having a society. A typical society consists of a significant percentage of literate people and illiterate people. Now what’s interesting is that before the anticipation of any such event there will be no chaos prevailing around, no measures to even stop this anticipation. After the occurrence of such event, there will be a bloody chaos, slogans, protests, and rallies will become a thing of everyday entertainment.

The Candle light marches will help remembering the sufferings of the victim. But why weren’t the strict measures taken prior to the occurrence of such event?. Why did the government take this long to withdraw itself from the effect of the soporifics it has been consumed long enough to let such denigrating events take place in society?.

If all these events are just a byproduct of having a society, eradicate the existence of such a society. Kill everyone. Thus, there will be no society and no further byproducts of having one or the society can be taught these things like every other thing we teach in school. Why isn’t there is a special course for teaching them how to respect the opposite sex.

To develop the skills with coordination and empathy than teaching them extra lessons of advanced stoichiometry and titration which nobody will give a damn about once they are exposed to the real world.

P– Especially in Indian society or any other two kinds of syndromes prevails the most of which one is Oedipus syndrome and the other is Electra syndrome

Oedipus syndrome is related to the male heirs. They see their mothers, aunts or any other female relatives living with them being treated in a certain way. 80% of the household burden comprising of cleaning, cooking, washing clothes and utensils and taking care of a child falls into the female territory. The male offspring has become so accustomed to seeing a woman diligently abiding by these rules that any small deviation from the regular course will make them want to question them.

The same is with Electra syndrome. In this, the female heirs have seen their fathers, brothers and any other male relative living with them plays a definite role in defining their importance in society. All daily chores involving hard and masculine efforts fall into the male territory. Some important decisions to be taken fall in the same territory and if for some reason he doesn’t want to be a part of any decision-making process and has an extra emotional attitude that doesn’t make him less of a man. All these causes are the effect of certain syndromes that had deeply corroded the roots of the society and will inevitably cause disruption in society and relationships.

What do we know about forests and how can we conclude that the forest designing can be turned into the biggest profitable market of the 21st century?.Let’s check out this conversation.

A-See brother! This forest industry is giving way to solidify the importance of most important pillars that have a huge contribution in shaping our economy. Among those are tourism and medicine. Now if we design our forest from the zero level like an artificial one we can incorporate In them the Indian ashrams and meditation spots just like one in the ages of God, it will certainly be a nice spot for tourist attraction like revisiting the old Hindu worship places and learning about their culture.

We can also plant a new variety of plants, spices, wild fruits and vegetables and other important medicinal plants. We can plant the trees according to the seasonal variations like if there is a plant which only blooms in cold season thus it can be easily planted and nourished while all animals are somewhere out there protecting themselves from chilling cold. Beautiful forest locations can also be used for shooting a movie scene and for camping. Why would anyone want to eradicate forests then if they know that it will create a rapidly increasing market in coming years?

The investors should be approached for this purpose thereby making them aware of all the interesting possibilities and slow & steady but huge returns. What do you say?

B– It’s fantabulous.

I don’t deeply believe in God. I just think there may or may not be a divine superpower that is controlling or looking after every abrupt event that is shaping our destiny like missing a flight due to a change in weather or canceling of an important appointment due to some reason. I just don’t care about that superpower. I just give it a name of Randomness and move on. Below is my conversation with a fellow mate a true believer in god. In fact, I was speechless during the whole conversation. It was clearly a moment of entertaining a thought without deeply accepting it, it was fascinating.


A-God is not for you to believe in and comprehend. You see this room, this floor, this building, this institution, this area, this city, this district, this state, this nation and the collection of all such nations together comprising of the world as a wholesome entity. You see this world, this earth, the whole solar system, this Milky Way galaxy that contains our solar system, several other such small and large galaxies that together comprise of a universe. Can you clearly imagine this thing from the inside-out view or you need an outside-in view?.

B ———

A– Above everything at an ultimate apex his presence can be found. Sure you can say you don’t believe in God but you are no one to discard him. Our small brains cannot comprehend the ultra cosmic activities taking place due to any divine action. So just stop putting your faulty logic in that area because believe me there are many theories that have never been proved.

All these conversations have been written nowhere. It only happened because of my active participation with these intellectuals which ultimately left me spellbound. Thus, don’t underestimate the power of listening and interpretation. Take time to listen and process the thoughts so maybe you can understand something much fascinating, again written nowhere.



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