Trying to unclench from the dreary dreams of my past
I desire a swift wind of your touch to entwine me with the present.
Forgetting about the wrongs in those dreams
I choose to untangle the puzzles in my nerves.

Crowded by the mind numbing voices in my head
I wish to see the melodies of starlit music in your eyes.
Reciting the highs & lows of the song that you played
I want to believe in the wordless symphonies of your heart.

Sickened by the dullness of the smile lost in my face
I crave to rhyme with the movement of your lips.
Lost in the epic poems you write with your steps
I aspire to wander, long enough for you to cross my path.

Snapping all the lies the world keeps telling me
I yearn to speak the truth seeping through my skin.
Watching down the sheer depths of troubles I ever made
I seek shelter in you forever to be lost in your arms.

Caught in the web of the catacombs of dark sleep,
I hope to be able to dream again,
Dream again; a sparkling sequence of astonishments.
For we’re a different picture in my dreams..


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