This is for the spark that lurks inside my heart, every time I think about some pearls that god rolled into my life. So lucky I was those days, that they entered my life and spent some beautiful time there.

The sheer positivity they have transpired throughout life, and the way they have guided me with maturity, love, trust, and heart, is something I will always cherish, something I have always cherished.

My eyes opened to a confounded world through a woman’s eyes who effortlessly trusted me, believed in me, and always promoted me to work hard and to stay truthful in all situations.

She taught me to be an original version, no matter how much the world changed. Her mental strength, speaking skills, non- violent convincing skills and a ‘godlike’ ability to read my mind have been some qualities I have been failing to develop since the time I started learning life.

Believe me, I have tried them Maa, and I have failed very badly…

The next is my favorite spark. I have loved her beyond anyone, and she has unconditionally multiplied the feeling and has thrown it right back at me… Showering me with respect, care, and love at all points in time.

She has stood by me when even my ‘maa’ hasn’t. I have teased her, have considered it my filial duty to make her upset and have ignored her a lot…Still, she has forgiven me every single time. She has made sure she never gets angry with me for more than an hour and has never ever initiated a tussle. It was always me doing the bad things, and she trying to set things right after the catastrophe.

The oldest memory I have of her…she is trying to find me, and I am hiding somewhere behind a wall.

“Aiyyaaa….”Her voice still resonates in the deepest portions of my heart.

Her worried face when she couldn’t find me anywhere, her shock when I would appear out of nowhere right in front of her, her scared expressions when I would frighten her, and her happiness when she saw me return, are some moments that will keep that special spark alighted forever.

Whenever I was worried or disappointed, she would bear my wrath patiently and would come to cajole me to a laughter. Surprisingly, she always has managed to make me laugh in tough times. Ahh… and she takes full credit for her efforts.

Aiyyaa was her version of Bhaiyya when she was three years old.

Today, she has grown up and has learned to pronounce bhaiyya, but for me, surprisingly, these expressions have remained the same.


There were other girls too, one girl wished to tell you about, but can’t write in this piece… she handled me when I couldn’t tell the issues to my maa and sister.

I will never forget her and the other girls who were there, but I will not write about them in this piece… as this is something to be left unsaid.

Till the time comes…




Thanks to Women for making my life special






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