Whether it is Hitler or Shirō Ishii, the word “evil” succumbs our mind with the very idea of it. We can never forget the evil deeds these people made their name for and few, of course, died for. So this list is a devastating combination of evil man and women from ancient times to the modern world and includes worst of what mankind can handle for an instance! Inkcoop brings you some of the creepiest lists and hope you all will enjoy reading it and if you disagree with this ranking be frank to tell us!

10)  Delphine LaLAurie



An inhuman vicious person who lived in New Orleans. It was said that her home was a chamber of horrors. The incident was dated back in the year 1834 when on 10th of April the mansion’s kitchen caught fire. While saving the house the firefighters found that two slaves were chained to the stove.

In order to save themselves and attract attention, they started the fire. But the real surprise was waiting for the firefighters in the attic where they were led by the other slaves. What they saw was really shocking for them. A dozen slaves were disfigured and manacled to the walls while various others were subjects of medical experiments. In a small cage, a woman was trapped with her limbs broken so as they look like a crab and a man had been a part of any gruesome sex change operation. It didn’t stop at this point.

Just to resemble like a caterpillar patch of flesh was sliced off in a circular motion from a woman’s arms and legs. Some had their mouths and hands sewn whilst many were found dead. Those who were found alive were begging to be killed. After this incident, LaLaurie fled away and was never caught.

Well, now you smell evil! Here’s some more of it.



9)  Shirō Ishii



A microbiologist by profession and lieutenant general of unit 731 which was a biological warfare unit of the Imperial Japanese Army during the second Sino-Japanese war. It was the year 1932 when he began his experiments of biological warfare for the Japanese army. Unit 731 was formed in the year 1936 which had a huge compound having 150 buildings.

The atrocities and the gruesome evil committed by him include amputating the limbs and reattaching them to the other parts of the body. A huge amount of public especially pregnant women were vivisected. Test for grenades and flame throwers were performed on living humans and also various diseases were inoculated via injecting the prisoners to study their effects. Many male and female prisoners were infected with syphilis and gonorrhoea via rape just to study their effects.

Since American Occupation Authority granted immunity at the end of the war, Ishii never went to the prison for his atrocities and died at the age of 67 of throat cancer.



8 ) Ilse Koch



Another name given to her was “BITCH OF BUCHENWALD” just because of her inhuman cruelty towards prisoners. Karl Otto Koch was another evil Nazi to whom she was married but this woman was far more cruel than him. She had outshone him in every cruel perspective which we can think of. She wandered around the camp naked with a whip this using her sexual prowess and if any person dared to glance at her then they had it coming at their spot. In researches, it was found that she killed her inmates having interesting tattoos just to make the lamp shades of their skins but no evidence could be found against her. She was caught and sent to the prison after the war concluded. In the year 1967, she hanged herself in her cell, consumed by her guilt.



7) Ivan IV of Russia


The Grand Duke of Muscovy from between 1533 to 1547, also known as Ivan the Terrible, was evidently the first ruler of Russia that assumed the title of Tsar. Ivan had a belief that people of Novgorod planned to defect to Poland in the year 1570. But an army was built to stop them, which not only built walls around the city, but also 500 to 1000 people’s were gathered by the army every day to be tortured and killed. It was said that in 1581 he had cruelly beaten her pregnant daughter in law just because for wearing immodest clothing. This resulted in a high voltage argument with his father, which finally resulted in the death of his son by accidently striking him with his pointed staff on his son’s head.


6) Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell by Samuel Cooper


The forces of English Parliament re-conquest Ireland, which continued from 1649 to 1653, led by Oliver Cromwell. This period is referred as the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland. This conquest resulted in 200,000 civilian deaths just because of famine and diseases and other 50,000 Irish people were taken as slaves. He was so hated that when in the year 1658 he died, he was taken out from the grave and was given a posthumous execution and later his body was dismembered and pieces were thrown in a pit whereas his head was displayed outside Westminster hall hanging on a pole for next twenty-four hours.

Hell of a way to die!


5) Jiang Qing



Jiang Qing the main person behind China’s Cultural Revolution, wife of Mao Tse-sung, managed to conquer the top most position in the communist party. She halted the economic activities and various artefacts, antiques and buildings were destroyed by the red guards. She also halted the education system by sending many intellectuals to prison. Human rights of many people were annulled during this revolution. During the time period of 3 years the death toll reached up to 500,000 but it is said that about 36 million people were persecuted.


4) Pol Pot



The Prime Minister of Cambodia from 1976 to 1979, the de facto leader since mid-1975, he imposed an agrarian communism in which a relocation of all city dwellers took place towards the countryside in which they were made to work in collective farms and labour projects. About 2 million Cambodians were killed just because of the effect of slave labour, malnutrition, executions and poor medical care. “Bourgeois enemies” and other enemies were signalled out and were brutally murdered. Sites known as killing fields were made and mass executions took place at those sites. Often executions were carried out by hammers, axe spades or sharpened bamboo sticks in order to save their ammunition. “Save their ammunition”, you are kidding, right ?


3) Heinrich Himmler



Considered as the biggest mass murderer ever, he was the architect of the holocaust and final solution. He attempted to procreate a sovereign race of Nordic aspect, the Aryan race. Hitler ended his plans for ethnic purity in making reckless military decisions and was arrested after the war. He was taken aback when treated as a war offender and also failed to confer with the west. He committed suicide by consuming a cyanide capsule, a famous tool to escape from mutiny!


2) Adolf Hitler



Germany decided to appoint Hitler as Chancellor of Germany in 1933, growing to “Führer” in 1934 until he killed himself in 1945. The conclusion of the Second World War had brought many changes which in turn changed the world. It includes policies of Hitler of territorial vanquishment and terms of millions of people were dead because of ethnic defeat which includes the holocaust of Jews. On 30 April 1945, when street to street combat became intense, he killed himself by shooting himself and taking a cyanide capsule at the same time.

1) Josef Stalin



Yes! Poor Hitler did all that he could but couldn’t make it to the top of this list. Stalin was the Secretary General of the Communist Party from 1922 up to 1953. Under the guidance of Stalin, Ukraine became miserable from a famine which was nothing but an act of genocide. The death toll ranges from 2.5 million to 10 million. Direct political and administrative decisions were the main reasons behind the famine.  Stalin also commanded to cleanse the Soviet Union who was considered to be an enemy of the state. During his reign, total death toll ranges from 10 million to over 60 million.




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