Before I could dwell into the deep meaningful insights on why people are important in almost every venture we lay our hands upon, let me ask you a series of simple questions, no big deal.

  • Have you ever wanted to start a business involving a top notch cool idea but really couldn’t because the people you most expected from cannot fathom its real potential?
  • Or even if they did are they willing to put their 100% efforts?
  • In times of depression when you want someone to hear you cry, to bolster you like “Hey! It’s gonna be okay, I got you. Don’t worry. Everything’s gonna be fine.” Do you find that person easily?

These golden words of reassurance are basically just too costly to be heard. Not everyone will understand the true potential of your business pitch and that you just need someone unbiased to let yourself out.

This article will revolve around business issues but the same principles can also be applied to real life situations as business is nothing but a group of a certain number of people having common beliefs and ideologies and that’s where trust emerges for you’ll have someone to rely upon if you fail. Same goes with family, friends and partners. If they believe in your idea, “trust” will be earned. Eventually, you will be more vulnerable to take a new risk and that’s basically how a human race progresses. Our very idea of survival depends on the strength of the bonds we make; no one can deny that


When I interview the entrepreneurs I often ask them one question “What are your key ideologies in running a successful business?” Most of them have fascinating replies-“The key ideology that’s the crude backbone for our successful stint is that we take care of our customers”. I then ask them “ How exactly? Because you haven’t talked to your customer in 10 years.” Sometimes too much professionalism could be deterrence in expanding your target market, to unleash the hidden potential of your purpose such that more people can connect with you. Entrepreneurs often misunderstand their actual role with managing and increasing profits through leaps and bounds but their prime role lies in taking care of the people. “Leaders more sophisticatedly are responsible for people who are responsible for the people who are again responsible for the people. If you get that chain right everything will slowly but ultimately will fall into the right place.”- (Simon Sinek)

Now even if your company doesn’t do well, you go bankrupt or wreck; suffering the depression from a terrible breakup, losing someone very important in your life or any another major setback which doesn’t even allow you to take your sweats off and head towards some creative action, you can basically get out of everything, everything that is holding you back knowing that you have people who will empathize with you and even bolster you emotionally, mentally and morally.

When Jobs was tired of dealing with clichéd projects at Atari, he just blurted out at his colleague who compelled the in-charge to give him a separate chamber and specific projects that he was demanding just to keep him away from scolding his other co-workers. Jobs hired Wozniak to do his job, he liked working with Wozniak because he is the first person he met in Silicon Valley whose knowledge of electronics literally intrigued him. People often compare Microsoft and Apple in terms of innovation, growth and ethics. Yes, from the innovation and growth point of view, Apple has acquired a sustainable dominance over Microsoft. But in terms of conducting business and also giving back something to society: people prefer Bill Gates than Steve Jobs.

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation pledges to serve victims of various diseases and natural disasters in target locations of Europe, Middle East, Africa, India and China. Even the world’s top most investor Mr. Warren Buffet have announced to donate 80% of his fortune through the Gates foundation. The key thing to take a note of is that whenever you need something first try to give it. And by hook or by crook all that you have given will be returned to you someday or the other. So, create connections and surround yourself with people who will always push you to do better ultimately helping you become the best version of what you are now. Keep up this give and take.



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