How often do you get bored?

When was the last time you were bored?

Boredom is something foolish, a synonym of laziness!! Right? Or maybe not.



Getting bored seems easy but frankly, it’s a lot more difficult than it seems.
We are most comfortable when the things are certain but we feel alive when they’re not.

Why do I get bored? What exactly I want to do? Daily I ask these questions to myself, in search of that one dream, a burning passion that drives you crazy, for which you are willing to give up everything.



But the truth is I like a lot many things. And I wish to do them all, someday something seems interesting maybe next day the same thing become utterly boring. Yet I love it when I wake up and ask myself what is it that I want to do today? Maybe I want to make a hovercraft or write an article or poetry or draw something or just watch FRIENDS for 30th time. Or maybe this asking routine has become my obsession!



And I am not the lone wanderer in the valley of uncertainties; most creative people suffer similar mood swings. Being bored easily is a trait of creative genius, a renaissance man.

Renaissance man- “uomo universale”, an idea that “a man can do all the things if he will”.

The idea has been exemplified by men and women from various ages, from Da Vinci to Jobs, Alberti to Newton, Galilei to Tagore and by you and by me. We are the curious ones, descendants of the Renaissance man, the amateurs with starry eyes and often labeled jack of all trades – (phrase continues!) – Ace of none.


Renaissance man


Conventional wisdom holds a believe that pursuit in multiple directions will result in nothing more than a superficial insight. Generalists are often considered to be impetuous learner ones who skims through and not willing to be drowned in the ocean of dexterity.


Perks of being a jack (or Jill)
Generalist – I know everything


There is a reason the military generals are called so. Don’t you think? A true generalist has a skill set varied over a vast field of expertise, their knowledge may seem scattered at first but they see the world as series of interconnected genres, they kept switching pools acquiring knowledge of various fields and that’s certainly better than walking down the same road a million times. Isn’t it? An eagle-eye vision and sights of the twisted trails help a generalist to see the bigger picture and that’s what makes him or her better suited for all imaginable situations.


Generalist Vs specialist
The difference


A specialist captivates himself in a single dimension- extending its linearity- reaching out for an impossible perfection, adding finite to infinite. While a curious generalist keeps on adding dimensions in space and time. And it’s the latter who truly enjoys the pursuit of excellence.

It’s for you to decide which way you want to roll on.


Never get bored of being bored and next time you get bored to do something new, challenge your mind and distort your comfort zone, both are empowering in their own way!







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